It is very common that you hear about problems in sentence structuring, especially from your professors. In fact, problems in sentences are among the most common types of write my paper. I am sure you have heard it too. Improve your sentence structure. Make the sentences better. But the question is how? I, for one, know of one way that you can improve your sentences in an original essay. You can do this by removing squinting modifiers. But first, what are these modifiers?

What are Squinting Modifiers?

These modifiers come under the category of misplaced modifiers. These modifiers are placed in a sentence in such a way that they make the sentence unclear.

The meaning of a sentence cannot be derived clearly when squinting modifiers are used.

This means that whatever point you are trying to make will be lost on the audience.

Why is it a Problem?

As I have already mentioned, these modifiers bring ambiguity in the meaning of a sentence. But how is that bad for you? Why does one meaningless sentence matter?

Well, in professional writing, it is very important that you avoid such mistakes.

Maybe for you, it is just a matter of a sentence or two but for your readers, it is a matter of understanding.

If you can’t make your point in a clear manner then you cannot be considered a good writer.


Here are a few examples to write my paper for me what a squinting modifier is.

#1: Cycling up the hill quickly builds up your upper leg muscles.

Here, “quickly” is the squinting modifier. Why? Because we can’t be sure if it refers to cycling quickly or the quick buildup of muscles.

#2: In public speaking, taking a pause briefly refocuses your audience.

Now, “briefly” is the squinting modifier. Again, we are not sure whether briefly is written with respect to pausing briefly or refocusing the audience briefly.

#3: I told my son eventually his beloved pet would go back to its original owners.

In this case, “eventually” becomes the squinting modifier that makes the sentence unclear. Is eventually being used to talk about the pet or telling the son about the pet leaving?

#4: It has been noticed that saving lives often leads to a sense of pride or entitlement.

Here, “often” is considered to be the squinting modifier because it is not clear whether it is being used with respect to “saving lives” or having “a sense of pride and entitlement”.

Point to be Noted!

Notice one thing. The squinting modifier is always placed in the middle of the two things that it can relate to.

This is what makes a squinting modifier noticeable.

How to Correct a Squinting Modifier?

Now that you know exactly what a squinting modifier is, you should know how to correct it.

Well, it's rather simple actually.

To correct a squinting modifier, all you need to do is move that modifier in such a way that it no longer causes ambiguity.

This also means that the modifier will no longer sit between two different elements.

For example, take the first example that I have mentioned to you. If I were to modify this sentence and say that “Cycling up the hill builds up your upper leg muscles quickly”, then the sentence becomes clear.

All I did was recognize the modifier and move it.

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