Academics is one of the most essential foundations for professional life. It hones your skills for what lies ahead. Essay writing is one of the core elements of academics. But there are so many options that one can get confused.


One essay that is quite subjective in nature pops up from time to time. A critical essay allows you to view the element you are analyzing critically. The aim is to find bits and pieces that fit together to provide an unbiased and just review. An important step in writing is prewriting. Here is how you prewrite when you are about to be critical about something.

 Follow these guidelines to finish your work in a timely manner. Then, if you are overworked and don't have time to do your work on time, you can turn to a custom writing service for assistance with your projects.



Tips to Prewrite

  • You must get accustomed to the work that you are analyzing. Evaluate various aspects of it and identify what each part means. Some of the things that you will have to keep in mind include
    • What is the message and purpose behind the work?
    • What is the author trying to convey?
    • What are the key elements in the work?
    • Is the work fulfilling its purpose?
    • The work is meant to target what type of audience.
  • The answers to the above questions will help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of the work. Quality cannot be compromised. Do not trust a cheap essay writing service for your cause. Put your faith in the best.
  • Do some research on the work you are analyzing to see what you can collect. It will give you a sense of direction as to whether you are analyzing it properly. It has to be quite subjective so no need to alter your ideas. The research is just to gain more insights into the matter. You may find out the intention of the author, the theme, the reason for writing, etc.
  • Try to connect the dots. What it means is that you must make sure that you move logically and analyze the matter comprehensively. You have to thoroughly inspect each part and identify if there is anything hidden. Even a minute detail could add to the work significantly.
  • Organize your thoughts. You shall be developing an outline later on which shall give you a proper roadmap. But even before that, you must be aware of what you are looking for. You cannot just jump right in haphazardly. You must be vigilant and have a game plan on how to proceed even before writing a single word. I depended on an expert to WriteMyEssay and help me with prewriting. I still make use of the invaluable guidance I received.
  • Have a slight idea of what your thesis will be. You can draw a rough thesis statement that would guide your prewriting. It can change but the actual theme can remain the same. The final thesis can even come at the end of the essay. But an initial draft could be really handy to guide you.


After you have successfully followed the steps, the next part is to implement the actual writing phase. You shall be developing an outline which is an essential tool, and finally working on the draft. Outlining is really helpful and you can develop essential sections that will be in the final draft. Use a template that best suits your needs. It can be comprehensive or just contain little hints of what you need to incorporate. 


It is your perception of the element that you are analyzing. You do not need to be guided by any material from various sources. It is up to you whether you think everything gels together or is not cohesive. But you must provide reasoning first. Using quotes or paraphrases is really essential. Do not forget to cite these as you do not want to get stuck in plagiarism removal. Follow the outline for the draft and make sure you stay on track.


You must have read, watched, and come in contact with many literary works. All these have been produced to follow certain themes and ideas which have been established by the developer.


Have you ever evaluated these works to see if they serve the purpose that was the true intention for their development? This is your critical evaluation. So if you have been handed a critical essay for your assignment, you must know how to proceed. Here are some topic ideas for your inspiration.


here I am, willing to share those topics with you. These tips are used by the best essay writing service services that you must have come across online. What I mean to say is that professionals use these tricks.

So, pay attention

Topic Ideas

  1. Substance abuse among young individuals
  2. Prevalence of racism in modern society
  3. Role of diversity to enhance productivity for organizations
  4. The shifting of gender roles
  5. Juvenile delinquency and its reasons
  6. Is incarceration a viable option?
  7. Capital punishment and the deterrence effect
  8. Rehabilitation of criminals
  9. Crime in high-poverty areas
  10. Measures to conserve the environment.
  11. Role of industrialization in a damaging environment
  12. Deforestation and its effects on the environment
  13. Social media use and isolation
  14. Effects of early use of smartphones in children
  15. Healthcare and technology
  16. Safety of internet
  17. Can technology replace humans?
  18. Children's safety during traveling
  19. Status of esports compared to traditional sports
  20. College athletes and low wages
  21. Role of religion in a culture
  22. Sugary drinks and obesity
  23. Import/export of sugary beverages
  24. Obesity is a disease
  25. Status of migration
  26. Single parent families
  27. Use of technology in educational institutes
  28. Does online education lead to desired outcomes
  29. Social learning in education
  30. Preparedness for the pandemic
  31. Same-sex companionship
  32. Alternate energy sources
  33. Medical use of marijuana
  34. Why is the healthcare system expensive?
  35. Dope testing in sports
  36. Performance enhancers
  37. Music and copyright issues
  38. Cybercrimes
  39. Does freedom of speech still exist in the media?
  40. Telecommuting during the pandemic.


Well, if you have been given an open choice for the topic, here are the options for you. But choosing a topic is just one step. You have to proceed and follow many other things to successfully implement it. If you need some guidance, experts can help you out. I asked a specialist to help me with academic papers. It provided me with many helpful hints. So what do you have to do to structure your perfect essay? Here are some tips.


Tips and Tricks

  • You have to thoroughly study the topic before you write even a single word. Have a general idea of various dimensions and variables. Scholarly sources can help you out and give you some essential pointers.
  • Outlining is a beneficial tool here. All you have to do is put your thoughts and ideas on paper. Make certain relevant sections and add data to each one.
  • Remember, it is a critical writing assignment. It has to contain some objectivity but overall it will be your own perception of how effective the work is. Do not trust any writing service. You must put your faith in the experts.
  • You must find hidden details within the work you are analyzing. Each subtle detail could help in establishing a missing link. Do not avoid anything just because it may seem irrelevant. Dig deeper into the depths.
  • Do not forget to form a strong thesis statement that shall drive your essay.
  • You must study the work and also the audience it was intended for. Only then you can see if the work fulfills its purpose. You have to make sure that the point of view of the author gets across.
  • You have to give your opinion and how the work fulfills its purpose. Use examples and information from the source to help you out. Do not forget to cite the sources to avoid any form of plagiarism. Give the credits where it is due.


That is all the stuff you need to know when proceeding to write the assignment. Once you are satisfied with everything, you can start the final draft. Once the draft is done, revise it for any errors and submit it.

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