For any students to write a winning research paper, they must start by figuring out the question. How relevant the answer is and the key points to included. Next, create an outline with the main points and topics to discuss. Finally, compile the final draft into a submitable document.  You might need help  with something, fortunately there are of sources like to seek help at.Before sending it back, ensure the following three things happen:

  • Clarity
  • Organization
  • Focusing
  • Counterarguments

What Makes a Strong Thesis Statement

It has to be clear and concise. Avoid deviating for the argument if it is for a particular point, and also avoid adding tangents if it is for a different standpoint. A good thesis makes a claim. Also, it should be precise enough to allow replication in case it is a convincing fact. The thesis must also be quantifiable.

Purpose of a Thesis

The essayist must realize the aim of the essay. As a writer, you have to compose a thesis that answers the questions above. But that is not all. You can choose to go for an interesting angle if it is for a specific subject or issue. An intriguing topic gives you a chance to captivate the readers. Always remember the thesis is an analytical report.

Types of Thesis Statements

See below the various types of thesis statements.

  1. Analytical
  2. Descriptive
  3. Compare and contrast
  4. Explanatory
  5. Argumentative

Each of these thesis statements has a unique purpose: To argue, present an idea, test, analyze or persuade the reader. Another crucial aspect to consider is the tone of the argument.

Ways of Writing a Thesis Statement

Speech writers usually use two strategies to communicate the thesis. First, they give clear messages to the audience. Then, they proceed to provide arguments and elaborate further on the claims made. The goal is to debate the topic, and the best way to show that you have a settled issue is to label it as an Argument.