College Applications come with their own set of problems. I will be the first one to write my paper and admit that writing a college application can be one of the hardest things that you will ever do. You see, many students take this pressure very seriously. As they should. But it also gets to their head and then they don’t know what to do. Well, I can help. How? With a little myth-buster project. I can tell you all about the facts and myths of a college application. This way you will know what to do when the time comes.

Here goes.

Fact: Application Usage

Ok, so many students think that they can use the same application for dozens of colleges. And lucky enough for you, this is totally true.

Yes! The same application can be used multiple times but make sure that it follows the rules and regulations set by the admissions committee.

Myth: A Well-Rounded Student

You have heard of this, haven’t you? College requires well-rounded students who are good at everything. Wrong.

Colleges want a well-rounded class which means that they want students who are good at different things. They don’t expect you to be good at it all. That would be ridiculous.

Fact: Extracurricular Activities are Important

And they are. I’m afraid this one is a fact. But most students take it wrong.

Being good at extracurricular activities does not mean that you should have a list of activities that you participated in.

Commitment is important. So, if you are committed to one activity, that will be far more impressive than having a list of superficial activities.

Myth: Don’t Apply Early

Look, if you get an opportunity from a really, really good college then take it. Yes! Don’t wait.

It is a fact that applying on the early decision basis increases your chances of getting admission by around 25%. That is huge and such an opportunity should not be missed.

Fact: Sincere Recommendations Work

Oh yeah, they do. A recommendation letter can truly do wonders for your admission.

But that letter should come from a source close to you. In this way, they will be able to write paper for me and describe you in a manner that is pleasing to the committee.

A shallow recommendation from an influential person won’t do that. 

Myth: Be Modest

Yeah just don’t do that. The admissions committee doesn’t have the time to read in between the lines and pick out your qualities.

They have too many applications to read.

So, help them out a little by making their job easier for them and do not be modest.

Fact: Interviews are Not Optional

I know they say that interviews are totally optional but they are not. Really!

I mean sure you can skip one if you want but try not to do that. When you put in an effort for an interview, this shows your commitment towards the institution.

So, this really impresses the committee. So, don’t skip your interviews.

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