Many people and organizations regularly need to do audio transcription . This means converting the audio recording to text format. Some people use programs that recognize the human voice, but they often face a serious problem. For such applications to work adequately, the diction of the audio-sounding voice must be flawless. In addition, the speaker's speech should not have intonation stutters, additional sounds, parasitic words, distortions in the construction of sentences and other features that distinguish natural human speech from text.


This work is quite painstaking, requiring perseverance, patience and attentiveness. A specialist who transcribes audio into text needs to adapt to the speaker's voice, his intonations, external noise, which, at times, can overlap speech, and to other interference. Therefore, high-quality transcription of audio into text can only be performed by a living person. This work does not require highly specialized skills, except for the knowledge of the necessary programs and the ability to listen carefully and type quickly. In addition, audio-to-text transcription implies the simultaneous editing and correction of the material in order to make it comfortable to read.

Many people, including those who want to do audio transcription themselves, take the question lightly. They think they can just listen to the text and type it in the editor. But when it comes to work, it becomes clear that you have to constantly stop the audio recording and go back. Often you have to re-listen to a fragment several times in order to make out what has been said. It takes a lot of mental effort to master this kind of work. The task is somewhat facilitated by computer programs that allow you to simultaneously control audio recording and type text, as well as slow down your voice. However, even they are not able to fully brighten up this monotonous and stressful process for a beginner.

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